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Native American

Native American

Native American Spirituality as an oral tradition has no identifiable point of time origin and survives through its keepers who share and pass down the ancestral teachings.

More a way of life than a religion, Native American Spirituality is a shared cultural view that understands that the good health of one’s family and community is dependent upon each individual’s good relationship, alignment and harmony with Great Spirit and all of Creation. One is taught to observe harmony and balance in nature, and to strive for that harmony and balance in one’s own life. 

It is believed that as one comes into harmony and balance and good relationship with All That Is, wellness of body, mind, spirit and emotions will come to pass, not only for one’s self, but for all of one’s family, extended family kinships and community.

Here we bring you a selection of traditional Native American tools and decorations for you to follow their ancient pathways on your own personal journey or for those that have Native American spirit guides to help you feel closer to them.

“There is an old and very wise Native American saying: Every time you point a finger in scorn—there are three remaining fingers pointing right back at you.” 

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  The abalone shell whilst a beautiful decoration for your home, is traditionally used to burn herbs and smudges.  A stick can be leant against the edge while still alight. (Of course, never leave it unattended). Environmental info..
  Size: 1 ounce bag (28 grams) Country of origin: USA Cedar Leaf is native to North America, traditionally used for cleansing of the aura. It can be kept in a bowl for its aroma or can be burnt - this is most effective with charcoal. ..
Brand: HEM
White Sage also known as Salvia apiana The herb was used by the Native Americans in different purification rituals. See also smudge sticks. ..
Overall length of rattle varies from about 15-17 cms (about 6 inches). This length excludes leather tassels. The round rattle head is made from leather, moulded, set and then hand painted by the artist and then coated to protect. You may notice th..
  Size: 3 mini smudge sticks approx 3-4 inches (8-9 cms) each. Origin: USA This pack contains three herb mini Sage smudge sticks. Smudge Sticks can be used to cleanse negative energies for a person or a place.   We also su..
  Size: 3 mini smudge sticks approx 3-4 inches (8-9 cms) each. Origin: USA This pack contains three herb mini smudge sticks of Sage, Mugwort and Cedar. Smudge Sticks can be used to cleanse negative energies for a person or a place. ..
This is a really stunning magnet, the eyes of the wolf are so piercing, it's beautiful. ..

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