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Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Halotherapy is the science of heating sea salt to accelerate the process of its natural hygroscopic action to naturally clean indoor air of airborne pollutants.

This is produced simply with a Rock Salt Crystal Lamp provided complete with a bulb inside to heat the crystal uniformly increasing the effective cross sectional area and optimising its air purifying characteristics.

Our salt lamps come with a flat top so you can gently warm your salt healing stone whilst your lamp is on (sold separately).

Please note as the lamps are made from a natural product, they will vary.

You are welcome to call in to the shop to choose your own if you prefer.

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Halo-Thalassotherapy - Warm & Cold Massage This Therapy is a combination of heated rock salt crystal and sea water bathing however its long name underlines its rich uses on the body, similar to the effects of Thalassotherapy, the body absorbs&..

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